About Us


Magnet Products International Group, LLC, (MPI Group) is a widely recognized and trusted industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of magnets and promotional products. We offer superior products and services to such industries as retail, POP, promotional, sign, real estate, weddings, educational organizations, sports, and event management to name a few. In addition to business related requests, we cater to personal requests for magnets and promotional products.

At MPI Group, we believe our clients deserve excellent customer support. We provide it through innovative ideas and increased flexibility that allows us to expedite each client's request. Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every client and provide him/her with greater valued goods. MPI Group optimizes system functionality and operation efficiency by partnering with experts that have hands-on experience in their respected fields. This approach assures that all clients receive the most effective and professional service possible.

As experts in flexible / permanent magnets and promotional type products, MPI Group assists clients in selecting the right products and services to meet client needs. We are here to support our clients' decisions by staying involved in every stage of the process from product /service selection and implementation, through order completion. We offer continual customer service and technical support as needed. Our skills encompass all aspects of order implementation, production, and distribution including review of application requirements, development of practical specifications for client approval, product design, prototyping, proofing and overseeing development teams - customizing our services to fit specific client needs.

Our Priority is Customer Satisfaction
MPI Group, LLC, mission is to provide your company with a positive, memorable business experience. We ensure you that no matter the size of the job - large or small - every order is handled with high-priority importance, and every customer is treated as our number one client. We pride ourselves in being efficient while listening to you and understanding your needs to ensure that your time schedules are met. Our quality standards will exceed your expectations.

What We Do
Magnet Products International Group, LLC, specializes in the research, product development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality constructed flexible magnets and hard permanent magnets. Our products include but are not limited to

  • •   Flexible Magnet Sheet and Strip Materials
    •   Magnetic Receptive Materials
    •   A Wide Variety of Printed Full Color Magnets
    •   Retail Packaged Magnetic Products
    •   Sintered and Bonded Neodymium (NdFeb) Magnets
    •   Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets
    •   Alnico Magnets
    •   Ferrite Magnets
    •   Magnet Assemblies / Holding Magnets
    •   Magnetic OEM Systems
    •   Product Sourcing Capability

Why Choose Magnet Products International Group, LLC?
The following points make us known as a valued leading magnet supplier:

  • •   Trust
  • •   High Quality
  • •   Excellent On-Time Delivery and Customer Service
  • •   Manufacturing and Product Distribution Flexibility
  • •   Social Responsibility

At MPI Group, LLC, we continually provide exceptional quality products and on-time delivery of goods and services that our customers have come to know and trust us by. As supporters of the green-initiative, we support a healthy work environment, satisfied employees and giving back to our community. When you do business with us, a percent of our profits are invested back into environmental factors that ensure healthy working conditions for our employees and safe communities for our neighbors. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to well-known world causes. These are values and responsibilities that our customers have come to know and expect from us as a trusted industry-leader.

Annual Orders and On-Time Delivery
At Magnet Products International Group, LLC, we understand you need your product right away, without delays. We will work to your production schedule and inventory requirements to give you greater flexibility for managing your inventory. We have regional distribution centers in the U.S. that can hold local supplies, based on your company location. We will accept signed blanket orders and schedules for up to one year. You will always have adequate stock that is ready to be placed in your inventory when you need it. We pride ourselves with our on-time delivery record: Our customers realize the value in knowing that they can count on us to consistently delivery PRODUCT ON-TIME, EVERYTIME.

Let Us Be a Part of Your Business Solutions
If you have not already done business with our company, give us a try: Our exceptional quality products and customer support, functional and technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge makes Magnet Products International Group, LLC, the ideal company to supply and manage your key requirements for successful and timely project results. Please allow us the opportunity to develop a rewarding long-lasting relationship with your company.

Contact us
Magnet Products International Group, LLC
2905 Lake East Drive, Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Office: (310) 458-6204
Email: info@magnetpi.com
Website: www.magnetpi.com